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API Patterns are experience from many people and many projects. You can benefit from this experience by learn how and when to use patterns for building high-quality APIs: APIs that developers like to use, that are easy to extend and that deliver on the desired quality aspects.

The authors of “API Design Patterns” have invested much time for assembling this pattern collection and have finally created this training. Improve your API design skills in intensive 3 days!

“The authors have captured design patterns across the API lifecycle, from definition to design, in an approachable way. Whether you have designed dozens of web APIs or you are just starting out, this book is a valuable resource to drive consistency and overcome any design challenge you may face. I highly recommend this book!”

James Higgingbotham,
Author of “Principles of Web API Design: Delivering value with APIs and Microservices” and Executive API Consultant, LaunchAny

special training - API Design Patterns

API Design Patterns

with Dr. Daniel Lübke 

and Prof. Dr. Olaf Zimmermann

API Design Patterns

with Dr. Daniel Lübke 

and Prof. Dr. Olaf Zimmermann

31st May 2023 – 2nd June 2023

Hanover, Germany

1.499,00 € zzgl. MwSt.

31st May 2023 – 2nd June 2023

Hanover, Germany

1.499,00 € zzgl. MwSt.


Olaf Zimmermann

Mirco Stocker

Daniel Lübke

Uwe Zdun

Cesare Pautasso

training content

1. Foundations

2. Foundations Patterns

3. Responsibility Patterns

Here we will discuss what an API is and what role it has in distributed systems. Furthermore, we define the technical terms required throughout the rest of this training.

These patterns describe general choices API designers must make when starting an API project. Who can access this API? What primary architectural role does this API have?

Software Architecture and software design assign responsibilities to components. As such APIs need to convey, define, and implement responsibilities. We will discuss
functional and data-driven service cuts and possible API guarantees.

4. Structure Patterns

5. Quality Patterns

6. Evolution Patterns

An API needs to exchange data between the API provider and the API clients. This data can be represented in different ways. API designers need to make conscious choices to improve speed and reliability for the expected usage contexts.

APIs are supposed to deliver on certain quality attributes. This chapter will discuss many quality properties and patterns
appropriate to address those.

APIs will change over time and API designers must manage this change process. This chapter will present possible approaches to evolving APIs.


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