Digitization does not mean buying
or implementing software!


Digital Solution Architecture is the combination of successful methods from both software architecture and business process modeling to drive digitization and software development projects.

This combination is necessary because digitization is concerned not only with software development but also with optimization of the underlying business processes, which requires process modeling, analysis, and implementation.


Crisis Resilience

Especially in times of COVID we got aware which parts of society and our organization still performed well (mostly digital things) and which did not. One negative example  surely was German bureaucracy which promised more digitization since years but always failed to realize it. Other companies like Amazon are the winners of this crisis leveraging modern business models and supporting software systems. Many companies could realize their potential for more digitization to interact and collaborate quicker, cheaper, and better with their customers and offer their services and products more successfully.


This potential must be realized by other companies and organizations to stay in the market in the future. Our society is prepared for more digital life, more digital commerce, more digital collaboration and more digital business. It is expected that many actions can be performed online.

This can be seen at universities, which have digitized teaching in a very short time. This step would have been impossible with “normal” planning, which would have taken decades instead of weeks.


Use existing software solutions (standard software, cloud offerings,…) for standard tasks and custom developed software systems for market differentiation. IT and Software development need to support a mix of fast but continuous development and need to enable the business by providing KPIs and metrics for business processes.

Decisive Success Factor

This leads to the main success factor: We need to talk (and abstractly plan) less and implement and improve more. In a pragmatic way which is controlled. With existing software solutions and custom made software where applicable. You cannot afford to spend a year for building a simple mobile app allowing your customers to sign into your service. You need to be fast but must not sacrifice maintainability of your software ecosystem and your business.

Goals of DSA


of the business model and business processes


of the business model and business processes


and customization of software systems


for changes and maintenance of business processes


and traceability when changing and improving

Data Variety

and quantity for future decisions


Digital Software Architecture erreicht diese Ziele, indem verschiedene Kompetenzen aus dem Bereich der Geschäftsprozessmodellierung und der Software-Entwicklung miteinander kombiniert werden.


Important for project success is the attitude of project members and their commitment to reaching the goals. They should not only try to develop software but build a solution with value for the organization. This understanding must be complemented with know-how and concrete architectural decisions: Software Developers and Software Architects must know the basics of business process modeling and economics. In turn, representatives for the business side must feel responsible for the software solution and know how to model as well.

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