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Welcome to Digital Solution Architecture, I am Daniel Lübke, an experienced Business Process and Software Architect used to solve complex problems, leading teams and following a shared goal. I make use of my long and succesfull project experience and I like to try out new concepts by stringently looking for the benefits and costs of possible solutions.

We help you understand your requirements and business processes. In a pragmatic way we will document and design with you how to digitize - and transform if required - your business. We aim for a short kick-off to gain a common understanding without wasting too much time prior to design and implementation to give your project a head start.

Structuring your solution in a way that it can be built and evolved according to your current and future needs is a complex task. Our experienced professionals help you succeed and build a solid foundation for automating your business processes as much as possible, and include users as user-friendly in the process where necessary.

Good ideas are good but in the end the software needs to be built. Whether your development team needs support and guidance in some areas or you need a whole team to start your project, we will help you to successfully built your process.

Everything is evolving. Many trends like API products, business processes with AI support, low- and no-code environments and much more. We keep an eye on emerging technologies and help you decide what can be used to help your organization today or in the future.

Today’s world is complex and your business is likely connected to other businesses, your customers, your suppliers, and uses many software systems. We can successfully analyze and navigate existing complexity and help you to manage and reduce complexity in the future.

In the end, it is always the success of the project, that MATTERS.

With my experience as a software architect and business process analyst, I provide a valuable contribution to projects. This can be short-term activities, such as requirements, process or architecture workshops or reviews and architecture assessments, or a  long-term collaboration in the form of project support and project implementation.


We are always there for you to help!

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D. Lübke, C. Pautasso: Empirical Studies on the Development of Executable Business Processes, Springer, 2019.


publications and talks

For me it is a pleasure to share my knowledge and experience and to engage myself in expert discussions. This is the reason, why I am the author of many articles in magazines as well as journals and I give talks at various conferences. My articles have been published, e.g., by Java-Magazin, JavaSPEKTRUM and OBJEKTSpektrum. I also gave talks at the JAX, W-JAX and OOP.

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