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Impressions of JAX 2020, Mainz

JAX 2020

Today I gave my talk about Process-aware Microservice Design at the JAX 2020 conference in Mainz, Germany. It was an interesting experience because Corona is still a threat and as a result the conference was organized as a hybrid conference. Participants could join on-site or remotely via video conferencing. As a result, the conference floor was pretty empty. As a speaker this resulted in less feedback and only one question. There was no moderator and for some reason I thought that my time was already up while I still had 15 minutes to speak.

However, the panel discussion with Carola Lilienthal, Oliver Drotbohm, Thorsten Maier, and Sebastian Meyen was surely one of the better ones that I have experienced. There were some interesting details and nice and precise formulation of thoughts by all panelists. I plan to do follow-ups in the future on those items which I think could be elaborated in more depth.

In general there were astonishingly many talks about business processes in the microservice context. Two by Bernd Rückert (The 7 Sins of Workflow, Opportunities and Pitfalls of Event-Driven Utopia and one by Abdi & Poßner. Overall, I think it is a must to talk about business innovation and customer-oriented business processes in microservice architectures, which have initially been concerned only with vertical structures and technologies.

My talk was also in this area: what architectural options do we have to incorporate business processes in microservice architectures. I will sum up my talk in a future blog post.

It's a bit of a shame that I went to and from Mainz on the same day, thereby not being able to talk and discuss much with others. I hope that I can accomodate this better in future conferences!

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Daniel Lübke

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Lübke is a Digital Solution Architect, who enjoys realizing high-quality business processes in software. He has over 10 years experience in architecture of distributed systems (from SOA to Microservices, BPM and workflows). Daniel likes to find better than "state of the art" solutions by combining methods from Software Engineering and BPM, in addition to researching promising, uncommon solutions. He is book author, editor, and speaker at conferences, and has published many articles in different magazines and journals.