Impressions of JAX 2020, Mainz

by Daniel L├╝bke
JAX 2020

Today I gave my talk about Process-aware Microservice Design at the JAX 2020 conference in Mainz, Germany. It was an interesting experience because Corona is still a threat and as a result the conference was organized as a hybrid conference. Participants could join on-site or remotely via video conferencing. As a result, the conference floor was pretty empty. As a speaker this resulted in less feedback and only one question. There was no moderator and for some reason I thought that my time was already up while I still had 15 minutes to speak.

However, the panel discussion with Carola Lilienthal, Oliver Drotbohm, Thorsten Maier, and Sebastian Meyen was surely one of the better ones that I have experienced. There were some interesting details and nice and precise formulation of thoughts by all panelists. I plan to do follow-ups in the future on those items which I think could be elaborated in more depth.

In general there were astonishingly many talks about business processes in the microservice context. Two by Bernd Rückert (The 7 Sins of Workflow, Opportunities and Pitfalls of Event-Driven Utopia and one by Abdi & Poßner. Overall, I think it is a must to talk about business innovation and customer-oriented business processes in microservice architectures, which have initially been concerned only with vertical structures and technologies.

My talk was also in this area: what architectural options do we have to incorporate business processes in microservice architectures. I will sum up my talk in a future blog post.

It's a bit of a shame that I went to and from Mainz on the same day, thereby not being able to talk and discuss much with others. I hope that I can accomodate this better in future conferences!

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